What it Means to be Loved by You

Words have immense power to create and destroy. Modern discourses are fueled by the stories we tell ourselves with these words.

History continues to repeat itself in cycles of victory and defeat. This divide has always been here. It is nothing new or shocking. What is new is the rate of change. How quickly the world majority can go from affirming to invalidating. These exhaustive pendulum swings topple real people over with each pass.

I have known great pain and sorrow. I have known what it feels like to stop dead in your tracks, fall to your knees, and not know if you have what it takes to get back up again. I know the familiar silence and darkness isolation promises and the words in your mind which tell you that this life is not worth living. That it is not worth fighting anymore.

I have no proof for myself that this change will ever come to rest on my side, or even if there will ever be a fair balance. I also know that it takes considerable pain, anguish almost to the point of terror to motivate change. I am here to say that I have had enough of this.

While I do not know how just yet, I know that I am dedicating the rest of my life to bringing love to the transgender and gender nonconforming (gnc) community. According to a study done by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (2014), 41% of transgender/gender nonconforming individuals have attempted suicide at some point in their lives. These rates are even higher amongst those who live their lives out of the closet. 50%. 50% of people who live and speak their truths have attempted to end their own lives.

The context in which these people are operating in is one of hatred, violence and intolerance. My trans/gnc siblings; my brothers and my sisters, are being attacked, abused and killed and have been for decades.

I am by no means an optimist. But the blind faith I put in kindness towards others, and my belief in the power of unconditional love, has me hoping for a better more inclusive future. A future in which it is never a choice of authenticity and truth or death.

Be kind to one another. Have courage.

To be loved by you is everything my dear, no matter who you are.