Final Finals Season (For Now)

It has been like a whole ten days since my last post. Finals are always a weird time for me. I don't so much get stressed until the week everything is actually due. And even then it is not about the content just about if I actually have enough time to get what I need [...]



Because we all know when some ache or pain is bothering you at 3AM you will find your way onto your phone and google your various symptoms. Not 5 minutes later you know you are about an inch from death.  I have a toothache which is radiating into my jaw, neck, and ear on my [...]

Looking 13ack

I made it through the craziest party weekend of the year without drinking. I however also did not participate in any social activities. But see, I don't find joy in throwing colored dust at people just to take pictures and post on facebook. I also don't have fun jumping up and down in an overheated [...]