Hi. I am E.M.K, it’s nice to meet you.

I am 22 and go by they/them pronouns.

This is what I look like sometimes.

I was assigned female at birth. Then all this happened:

2010: Still a girl, I just like other girls. I am a lesbian!


2011-13: No wait, I am transgender, which makes me a heterosexual man.


2014: LOLJK, still a man, but I’m gay. A man who likes men. So very gay.

IMG_4384 - Version 2

Later in 2014: Why should I needlessly limit myself? I’m a man and I like people!

IMG_7055 - Version 2

2016: I like everyone. But what even is gender? Adopts gender non-binary identity and they/them pronouns, is a person who likes people.


Now: Who the hell knows?

I have journaled for most of my life, this is my attempt to make my writing more intentional. Mainly this is to function as a blog which is less toxic than other social media platforms. I am trying to remain distanced from specifics in my blog, I am working on developing a “History” page which will include more who/what/when/why/how details.

I tag and categorize my blog posts, things like “Abstract Thought” are more artistically written for the purpose of feeling, where as “Sociology” may be specific things I have seen or want to discuss.

I also use tags,¬†which I don’t really know how they work but if you do I use them.