Drunk. Again.

To have a better feel of the vibes I’m feeling listen to the Safe Haven album Ruth B. just released.

I am drunk.

I am sad. I am devastatingly sad. It is really very hard to be this sad all the time.

I have so much love in my heart. So much. But


But see the thing is people keep pushing me away and taking my love from me.

I am uncomfortable around people. I feel like a feral animal. I used to be domesticated but I have been out in the cold too long.

I went to a wedding today.

I was on a couch last night.

They had their head in my lap but it wasn’t them it was you.

I felt you next to me at the wedding, but you weren’t there.

I wanted to hold you, to dance with you.

But you weren’t there. You aren’t there.

You aren’t here.

And probably never will be.


Photo: something from the winter, NC 2017.


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