Complain Complain Complain


“it is all our friends”

lol bitch please. They were never my friends, neither were you.

I’m drunk, and I am a notoriously mean drunk so buckle up.

People suck. Every single one. Even I, I suck.

People lead people on. People read into shit that isn’t there to be read. People get peoples hopes up then crush them.

I have been trying to make my way into a friend group for two damn years now. Here anyway. I have been trying to get into a friend group actually for almost a decade because that is when I left the last group I was actually a part of.

Fuck all of this shit. I am ready to be done. I want out. I don’t want to see these people anymore.

Jaded. Self-centered. Arrogant. Stupid, fucks. I am guilty of all these infractions as well, don’t get me wrong but I let people in so much so that they have hurt me the most but I still give people WAY more chances than they deserve. and these fuck heads won’t give me one.

I have had to tell myself these last few days out loud “I am worth getting to know” because¬†honestly, I don’t think I am. Because clearly, no one here thinks I am.

But then again I have been dodging phone calls and texts from another few persons who scare me, they remind me of the person who I let in and who tore me apart from the inside out. I can’t let that happen again I won’t make it.

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