I have been cutting my own hair since I was about 12, and before that my mom cut it for me. I have never been able to pull off cutting a fade very well until this haircut! 

It still isnt perfect, but the last time I had crazy harsh lines and had to wear a hat for a month before I just buzzed it again to one length. I have no doubt that my hat wearing days are not over but atleast I can enjoy the next month with this new style. 
I use a wahl buzzer, the one you can get at Target for like 30$ I think. Next haircut I make I will share the details. You will get to see how I use my front faceing phone camera as the second mirror when I cut the back of my hair.

I used the 3 clip all the way to closed and no gaurd and also my beard shaver to shave the neck. I also want to invest in a straight edge shave kit to adjust the hairline in front where it is longer, I have also realized my hairline is slightly receded but this cut just kind of emphasises it for now, need to grow out my hair starting at like 2 fingers above the temple line then it shouldnt look so harshly receded. 

Learning to love my kidney spot birth marks as well. They make me unique. They make me, me. 

I caved today and bought the conditioner I was originally going to buy, L’Oreal Smooth or something, it is in the pink/maroon packaging, says it controls frizz, we shall see. The shampoo so far has done little to nothing in my opinion. However I think my hair honestly just wants routine and I keep fuckin with it so I can’t really blame it. I think after I graduate I will go a few weeks without using any shampoo to let the natural oils re-take, and will do apple vineagar rinses I have heard those do wonderful things. 
Photo: only one i could find on my phone, NC, spring 2017.

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