Living in the Quiet

I keep hearing people talk about silence between two people who love each other as a bad thing. I think it depends on context. If it was because too many things were left unsaid then yes. You’re right, that isn’t good.

But see, in my future I see me standing there on the porch of our tiny home in the cool morning sun, looking at her while she reads and we sip our coffee. I watch the steam curl and caress their face. Her eyes shift up to meet mine almost in slow motion, and she simply smiles to me before returning to her reading.

We can say what we need to without words. And that silence is so full of meaning and love, it can’t be a bad thing. Living in the quiet is like streetlights just starting to glow at dusk. A certainty that while it isn’t dark just yet, they will be there to guide you. Dusk has yet to fall but when it does there will be words voiced as they were once before.

Photo: Dusk Lamps. CPH, DK. 2016.

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