Grade Point Average

I have been to 4 colleges in 4 years and am still going to graduate on time. With each transfer my Grade Point Average (GPA) was reset to zero. Freshman year I had maybe two B’s and a maybe an A- along with the rest being A’s. I was sitting comfortably at maybe a 3.7. The next school I went to I was there only one semester I left with two A’s and A- and a W, again hovering around a 3.8. Then the third school I took classes I was passionate about and had a 4.0. Now I transfer to the school I will graduate  from.

I start strong with several A’s and only a couple A-‘s which place me above a 3.9 after the first year. I maintain that while it takes a couple hits from classes I shouldnt have to take but poor advising gets me into. However I value the classes I struggled in the most because they taught me more than any of the classes that were easy A’s.

I learned about Beethoven’s music and the history of the French Revolution. I learned about enviornmental anthropology and how grades *really dont matter* because we are killing the planet anyway. I also learned about the history and literature of the 1920’s which enabled me to solidified my understanding of the history of Women’s rights movements. All crucial stuff here folks.

Now here I am the final semester sitting at a false 3.9 which my dad cannot seem to let go of. I decided to take Japanese as my general education for foreign language because the professor is probably one of my favorite people on the planet. I took almost 12 years of spanish and waited too long to place out of the requirment, but could have had an easy A in taking a semester of spanish. I decided to challenge myself with Japanese. It is so worth it, I love it, I will probably continue learning it. But this is a fast track/intensive and as I already struggle with this kind of memorization learning I will not be getting anywhere near an A-. Meaning my 3.9 will probably end up maybe staying above a 3.7 if I am lucky just because of one course. But that is a far more accurate depiction of my college education as a whole. Also fuck you dad, for holding a GPA over my mental health or experiences. I am doing my best here and that is all you can ask for. Yeah it would have been cool to have a 3.9 but I don’t need that to be content with my college experience which has pretty much been a shit show from the start.

Photo: Snow, NC 2017.


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