Pursuing Dreams. Seeking Goals.

Four years of college. In less than three months thousands more young individuals are going to be looking for what is next. I have no idea what is next. I have been trying to answer the question the wrong way. I am going to start from the end. I am starting to look at my dream jobs and then work backwards from there.

What education do I need? What experience do I need? Are advanced degrees required? Which ones? What schools offer those degree programs? Where are those? How much does it cost to live in those areas? What do those programs require? Masters? Certificates? Trainings? How much do those things cost? SIDE BAR: Where will I live while I am saving up the money to pay for these things? Do I want to pursue the dream I have of building a tiny home? Do I want a dog? Do I have time for a dog? If mental health is prioritized how much time does this add to the timeline here? If I were to move home, find a job, and build my tiny home with my new puppy first before applying to grad schools what jobs could I get that would look good on a resume applying for said dream job? How do I stay sharp after college? How do I make the most of the time I have left?

I need to start answering these questions very soon. I have less than three months before I have that degree in my hand, and I have no idea what is next.

Photo: “Absorb” NC, 2017


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