To anyone I have ever loved and you,

I want you to know that I still love you. This is not the friendship kind of love, it is the love that surpasses that. My whole life I have been someone who loves boundlessly and unconditionally, therefore I still love you even if you have found someone new. Most of you never really gave us a chance, which is fine I myself have also not given many people chances.

My love for you may never fade. And that is okay. There is no one true love, there are too many people on this planet and too many souls to meet for that to be true. I could have made you happy if you would have let me. I am enough and it is probably my fault for not thinking that when I loved you at that time.

I speak to mainly three people, you won’t get any names from me. Each is from a different part of my life. One when I was just beginning to form myself. She was incredible and intelligent but tired of what the world expected. I hope you are well.

Next there was the boy who I have known almost my whole life. You may actually come close to breaking the statement I made just a paragraph ago. But you did not because you did not love me back. I think you were scared. That is fine. I know you will have a wonderful life and spend it with wonderful humans, I am sorry that I cannot get over my feelings and just be your friend. I love you too much for that and it hurts me.

Next there was the girl who said she loved me but loved him first. You actually have a new him now which makes me sad to put it simply. We had that kind of story book meeting and flirtation. My memories spending time with you are some of the happiest I have in my life. I know you will take from the world what you please and that is your right.

These three are only the beginning. I have felt strong connections to many before, throughout, and after meeting these individuals. I find it fascinating I was never intimate with any of the three. I have only shared myself physically with people for maybe a night or two. I want to know what it is like to love someone and share each others bodies. I think I have met someone who I could love. Someone I can share all of me with for quite some time. I just hope that they will give me a chance unlike the others before them.

Photo: Bar Harbor Sunset, Maine, 2016


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